Rotting on the Vine

by Werebear

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The rain it buzzes 'round me
Like the slumber I put off
The day it falls around me
Like the lumber of malaise

Day glow, taunt me
Tree tops, take me
Teacher tell me,
When can I breathe?
It's killing me, it's killing me
We are rotting on the vine

When I'm trudging through my classes
and I feel naked
Stripped to cut-outs
When those hands they tick around me
And I steal shut-eye from the day...

The daze of that prostrate
Pose I dream in
Takes the maze I'm in.
Teacher tell me,
When can I leave?
We are rotting on the vine

When those feet, writhe beneath me
Taking orders from, faceless bells
When the street, stretches stolid
Out in front of me, I am gone.


released November 26, 2010



all rights reserved


Werebear San Diego, California

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